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Ho lavorato con Massimo su un delicato progetto di chiusura di Bilancio con SAP. Professionale e competente, si è sempre dimostrato prezioso nell’ascolto del cliente e puntuale nelle risposte. Un gioco di squadra molto ben riuscito. E’ stato un piacere lavorare con lui.
Marco Spallaccini – Controller at Postecom S.p.A.

I worked with Massimo on different Projects in Accenture. Massimo is an outstanding professional. He has a deep Knowledge of Finance area in terms of processes, systems and operating models. In addition, he is able to build effective/quality based relationships both with clients and colleagues, leveraging his communication skills, innovative approach and business acumen. It’s been a real pleasure working together with Massimo.
Claudia Cerino – Manager at Accenture Strategy

If you are looking for a competent, structured, smart consultant and a passionate and hard working manager, Massimo is the man: he is able to blend a business acumen, a solid Finance background and a singular coaching ability that make him an ideal partner for your projects.
Fabio Costa – Senior Finance Manager

Massimo è una persona molto competente, mai superficiale ed estremamente votato al trasferimento di competenze ai propri collaboratori. Massimo è inoltre una persona particolarmente attenta alle relazioni umane ed i suoi comportamenti sono sempre volti a creare un ambiente di lavoro sereno e collaborativo.
Augusto Pizzicannella –  Controllo Direzionale  – Enel Spa

Massimo  è  un professionista orientato all’obiettivo  ed è un ottimo manager. Struttura ed organizza il lavoro in team per un sicuro successo del progetto.
Giuseppe Ciacci – Financial Manager  – Ferrari Spa

Massimo has a great experience and vision of all the main processes of a company; he is a committed and hardly working senior manager . He is a trustable and reliable person, steadily focused to results, with a very pragmatic and concrete approach to problems without losing sight of the strategic objective. Teamwork ability, presentation skills and willpower, among his main strengths. He has a friendly style and is a nice person to work with. I recommend  Massimo as a professional and as a person.
Barbara Duca – Group Service & Quality Controller – Indesit Spa

I worked with him for a short but intense period between June and July 2014. He proved to be a well-prepared and helpful professional, above all result-oriented. He suppported me a lot, I recommend him.
Guido Vignati. Controller – A2A

I relish the opportunity to reccomend Massimo, with whom I worked in Accenture. Despite very critical and uncertain project conditions, he always demonstrated great ability to create a positive work environment, focused on clear goals and minimizing external annoyances.
Emiliano Gullì. Distribution Logistics Manager at YOOX Group

I punti di forza del dott. Negro si possono sintetizzare nella capacità di gestire progetti e programmi complessi , nell’applicazione puntuale e precisa di una metodologia acquisita in lunghi anni di esperienza, nelle capacità di analisi  di problemi complessi e buone doti di problem solving. Empatico ed aperto all’ascolto è dotato di chiarezza ed abilità comunicativa.
Fabio Longo – Direttore Risorse Umane – Accenture Italia, Est Europa, Medio Oriente

I’ve worked with Massimo in Ferretti in several projects in order to finalize turnaround of company changing process, creating a clear organization with a clear tasks and responsibility. Massimo clearly demonstrated that he’s not a tipical “consultant” focus on delivery analysis and recomandation but also and expecially focus on execution and follow up in order to create a system of financial transparency which can really help company in operational improvement. Massimo became quickly a operational leader of project, appreciated from all top management of the company.
Giulio Di Negro – CFO Piaggio Aerospace

Massimo has strong competence in financial and performance management subjects but I’d like to emphasize his soft skill above all, since I was not working in his same business area. Massimo is capable to motivate and give attention to the people working with him, to create a collaborative working environment leveraging this attitude to improve efficiency of co-workers.
Cinzia Pellegrini. ICT Project Manager at ENI

Massimo has been my direct Senior Manager in a very challenge project. Great manager in term of preparation, people management, result orientation, team building. It was a pleasure to work with him and learn from him.
Maura Cristina. Sales Controlling Manager at RB

Massimo is an high performance manager with high relational skills and technical skills about Finance and Controlling Processes.
He is always ready to give to his team deadline, clear objectives and strong motivations.
He is able to build a very positive enviroment in a team.  Due to those attitudes his figure is strongly recommended.
Joseph Genua. Manager at Capgemini

I had the chance to work directly with Massimo for more than two years. As a Senior manager, he demonstrated strong capabilities in complexity and criticity management and great interpersonal skills. Massimo has always been a point of reference for accounting and controlling topics as well as for client management.
Alessandro Facondo. Financial Cost Controller at AXA-MPS

I had the opportunity to work for many years with Massimo, appreciating his growth both in terms of Leadership style and competences. Massimo have been always a thought leader and a point of reference in Finance related matters, from organization shaping, to account and controlling modeling and deploying new solutions in complex and challenging environments. Massimo’s experience also in SAP programs implementation is completing his profile.
Nicola Fainelli. Managing Director – Accenture

I worked with Massimo for some years in several Accenture engagements and I found him an outstanding profile from projects management and supervision capability perspective as well as in terms of technical knowledge in the accounting field and financial management control area.
Luigi Badaloni. Managing Partner at IETY – Università di Roma La Sapienza, Partner at BS Innova

I had the chance to work with Massimo in some Consulting projects in the Finance Transformation area (Finance reorganization, Shared Service, Process re-engineering, etc) and I always appreciated his strong skills in Finance and Accounting, reliability and pragmatical approach. He has a well balanced profile between functional and technical expertise (having also a good knowledge of the most common applications)
Alessandro Marin. Technonlogy IGEM Lead at Accenture

Massimo is a strong leader and people manager, he is a real team builder and knows very well how to motivate his team. Always openminded but with a clear vision and structured approach to achieve his goals. Massimo has helped me in further developing my managerial skills and is a great and fun person to work with.
Gerardo Urti. General Manager at Emmedue S.p.A.

I had the opportunity to share with Massimo a very crucial project for the implementation of a new Finance Reporting Model. He is an outstanding professional, able to manage complexity and achieve the desired project targets even though in a fast-moving business environment.
Massimo Comes. CFO at Dipharma

Massimo is a very good professional, business focused and a nice person to work with.
Iane D’Amore. Assistant to COO at Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

Massimo racchiude in sè anni di esperienza lavorativa in società rilevanti ed elevate conoscenze di crescita personale.
Il connubio perfetto per chi vuole affrontare un percorso di crescita che gli consenta di realizzarsi personalmente e professionalmente.
Serena Greco. Data Quality Analyst. MEMAR MONTEASSEGNI S.P.A

Working with Massimo I found him as a person with great expertise and deep skills of business solutions. When you get to connect with him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique skills, able to play any role you need in any IT project. Massimo is not only an efficient and multi-skilled manager but also an inspiring team player and a goal oriented, passionate, insightful and loyal person
Vito Zito. Ferretti Yatch

Massimo has a very great profile and he brings a lot of experience in multiple areas – I’ve known him for a long time and he is an extremely valuable person.
Andrea Bellani. Corporate Affairs Executive. Pacorini.

Massimo, with more than 15 years of experience, has strong competences in Finance. His areas of expertise include both accounting and controlling in terms of operating models, processes and supporting solutions.
Marco Maffei. Managing Director at Accenture.

Massimo is an excellent manager! I had the great pleasure to work with him at Accenture and I cannot forget his attitude to help, to train patiently and his committment and reliability in every project he was involved. It’s very important, in addition to the skills, to create and keep a good working environment.
Antonella Carluccio. Marketing

I’ve worked with Massimo for 2 yrs while i was in Indesit Company IT dept; at that time I was a junior business analyst and Massimo the senior pm on the project (budgeting software implementation). He represented a guide for me in terms of motivation, knowledge and committment on the results. With a strong energy and a constant presence both in critical and crucial situations he has been a leader, a team booster and last but not least a friend for me and all the other members of the group.
Irene Panti. Corte dei Conti

I had the opportunity to work with Massimo (Accenture consultant) for several months during the convergence project of the SAP platform in British American Tobacco Italia.
The strenghts I appreciated the most in him were:
– Operational flexibility
– Ability to focus on problems and propose solutions
– Reliability and respect of deadlines
– Warmth in personal relationships
Tonio Di Domenico. TeamMate Regional Sales Manager at Wolters Kluwer Audit Risk and Compliance

Very deep and robust knowledge of finance domain, he can manage complex projects and shape the most valuable solutions for clients.
Piero Pronello. Management Consultant

Massimo is strongly skilled in Finance and Accounting. He’s a problem solver, reliable and accurate in driving complex initiatives.
Mauro Marchiaro, Managing Director at Accenture

Massimo ha capacita’ distintive ed eccellenti in ambito Finance. Ho avuto modo di lavorare con Lui su alcune attivita’ di servizio per CFO, Tesorieri ed in generali ambiti di Governance apprezzandone la professionalita’ e le competenze.
Fabrizio Sarrocco. Managing Director at Accenture

Massimo is an example of an outstanding 360 degree consultant with I had the pleasure to work with
Massimo’s strenght points are:
– deep competency in Finance and controlling
– exceptional ability in interacting in a win-win approach with clients
– ability to etsablish his leadership role among the team
Results have been always positive
Roberto Della Loggia. Senior Manager Accenture

Massimo demonstrated consolidated capability in Project Management and teams coordination. In addition can leverage a powerful ability in dealing with new Business processes and C levels relationship.
Luca Bompensa. Manager at Accenture.

Massimo is a great team player and nice guy to work with. He demonstrated solid skills as well as always attitude to help and cooperate with the team.
Silvano Perrotta. Executive at Accenture Life Science

I have worked with Massimo in multiple occasions along the years in Accenture, in both Client projects and sales opportunities. His very deep knowledge of all the topics in the Finance & Admin area, as well as his sensitivity to the Client needs, allows him to be always relevant when dealing with the CFO agenda. In addition to that, Massimo is one of the most reliable colleague I have worked with, both from a professional and personal stand point. Hard worker with an unconditioned “can do” attitude, is an ideal colleague and a very nice person to work with
Marcello Matarrelli. Business and ICT Senior Advisor

Ho avuto modo di conoscere Massimo grazie al suo workshop “Generazione di successo” grazie al quale il suo metodo di lavoro, il modo di porsi e affrontare le nuove sfide del business mi hanno affascinata.
Ho avuto modo di cominciare con la sua consulenza e supervisione un modello di perfezionamento di business aziendale costruito per step.
Massimo è un professionista con grande competenze, spiccate tendenze al problem solving e riesce a trasmettere enorme entusiasmo al suo team di lavoro. Le sue consulenze sono preziose e importanti e aiutano qualsiasi tipo di azienda a ragionare sul proprio modello di business cercando di andare oltre i confini dei modelli imposti dalle convenzioni. Grazie a lui posso dire di essere vicina all'”Oceano Blu” ma non posso ancora nuotarci dentro
Serena Sabella. Giornalista pubblicista, Blogger, Social Media Strategist

Massimo is a senior manager with a strong background in Finance and Controlling area. His interpersonal skills and great professional capacity coming from the long professional experience ensure the success in the Project.
It was a really pleasure to work with Massimo
Davide De Francesco. Manager at Aeonvis

Massimo is a pragmatic senior manager, with a bright strategic approach and a strong capacity to drive the team towards common goals. He is extremely focused and supportive in the development of business. I have had the opportunity and the luck of working in Massimo’s team in Planning & Control projects in Accenture FPM department. He is really business focused and a tireless worker. During our cooperation he set us clear goals, encouraged me and all the team to reach our results, challenged me and helped me to grow up professionally. It was a real pleasure to work with him and I’ll be glad in the future to work with him again.
Mario Acampora. Processes, Organization and Controlling Manager

I had the opportunity to work with Massimo and has consistently demonstrated strong leadership skills and a strong capacity for organization and management of the group. Moreover, he also instill strong mastery of administrative and fiscal issues
Francesco Battaglia. Associated Manager at Accenture

I worked with Massimo for a long time in Accenture. He has a strong experience in IT projects management and knowledge of several industry business markets. It was great to collaborate with him in Pfizer Italy.
Maurizio Scarinci. Project Manager at Proxima Informatica Spa

Massimo Negro Main Experiences

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